In today’s news I will never not find feeding crows hilarious

how i act with carrots and hummus

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Trailer: ‘Firefly' Online | Bleeding Cool


If you ever get frustrated with your writing, just remember that Tolkien once described Feanor as “wounded with many wounds.”

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Boyd’s Forest Dragon
With large pointed scales on a crest behind the head, pinkish flat-topped conical scales on the cheeks and a deep mustard yellow pouch beneath the jaw line, this exquisite medium sized lizard certainly resembles a dragon.
Scientifically named Hypsilurus boydii (Agamidae), this Australian lizard has properly received the common name of Boyd’s Forest Dragon. It is a nocturnal arboreal lizard which reaches up to 49cm in total length.
The Boyd’s Forest Dragon is found only in the wet tropics of Queensland, Australia, into the “Forests of East Australia” Global High Biodiversity Hotspot. 
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Photo credit: ©Peter Nijenhuis | Locality: Daintree National Park, Thornton Beach, Queensland, Australia

An angry mob of  Northern leopard frogs (Lithobates pipiens) goes apeshit and ravages the countryside of Indiana.
photo by Tom Koerner/USFWS
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